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TN Number in Kannada

Bamboozling... TN Number in Kannada

While heading back home late night this Yamaha in front of me caught my sight by surprise… What’s so unique? On contemplating I could sense that it’s actually a TN bike but may be he had not paid Road Tax in Karnataka and to escape from the traffic cops this guy had put the registration number in Kannada or my theory is all wrong. But, really an intellectual – Kudos to this guy 🙂


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January 10, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Reliving 2000 on KD’s wedding

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The train slowly cripples to a halt at Raichur station at 8:30 AM on 14th Nov. Vijay, Nitin & Shilpi, Veeresh and Gururaj got down on platform and hotfooted towards the exit to reach home at the earliest. All were in hurry to reach home and get ready and head to Shaktinagar for their dearest friend Rajeshekar aka Rajesh aka Raj aka KD wedding.

One hour before, when the Train crossed the Marichatla station, 2 Project Leads, 1 Developer and a HR (by their profession) were exercising their thought process maps to come out with a foolproof strategy. NO! they were not discussing about how to meet project deadlines, set goals for ‘At Standards’ v/s ‘Exceeds Expectations’, measuring productivity, or how to gracefully layoff a 9 year senior programmer who’s working on par with a fresh bee. The task beforehand was to reach the wedding hall before the sacred knot was tied i.e., 12:15 PM, which in consideration with their track record was an uphill task. After lot of brainstorming Veeresh (Project Lead) pursued Nitin (HR) to get his Omni ready to be used for commuting to marriage hall. While they were bargaining on the pickup time Gururaj (Developer) called up home to get his hot water bucket ready. Vijay (Team Lead) easily agreed upon to accompany Gururaj as his favorite dish Idlis were also getting ready at Gururaj’s home. Unconvinced by Veeresh and Nitin’s formulae Gururaj and Vijay decided to mange their own commute.

Gururaj and Vijay reached the marriage hall 1 hour before scheduled sacred time. Everything was going in unison; Read the rest of this entry »

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November 18, 2008 at 12:52 am

An offense

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It’s not new that Bengaluru (commonly known as Bangalore) Infrastructure has not been able to cope with abrupt increase in vehicular traffic. It’s very common to see potholes on most of the roads in Bengaluru. In tandem with this even the motorists have no driving sense. Everybody is in hurry to reach their destination and have less patience to bear others on road.

In such circumstances it’s quite common to see small vehicles like Mopeds, Two wheelers either driving on pavement or crossing over the road divider (Median). To admit even I used to do such non-civic things in the past but not anymore these days – I’m more civilized now ;-p

I pass through Intermediate Ring road everyday to reach my workplace. The outer ring road has two U-turns; one under Indiranagar flyover and the other near the military training school entrance. This means anyone who wishes to go the other way has to drive this approximately 1/2 km distance to come on the other side of the road. Obviously it seems painful to many to drive this extra 1/2 km distance just to reach the same point but on other side of the road. Cars drivers are left with no choice, they will have to cover this distance. But exceptional is the case for two wheelers. No, No, I’m not saying Read the rest of this entry »

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September 26, 2008 at 11:53 pm

High speed connectivity to BIA

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The newly formed government is coming out with a proposal to build High Speed Rail Link (HSRL) to the new International Airport (BIA). The project will be signed in March 2009 and they propose to complete this in 36 months but it doesn’t gives any indication when is it going to start. The train frequency is expectedly to be every 10 mins.

This is what I read in Times of India newspaper today, 18 July 2008. It actually reminds me of an article in Times of India way back that one of the prominent person, Gosh! I don’t have reference to this article and also don’t remember this person’s name, in Railways after reading lots of criticism in newspapers about connectivity to new BIA being poor suggested and also recommended that a dedicated Rail Link Read the rest of this entry »

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July 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm


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It’s Friday 18:30 hrs and ‘m still sitting in office doing nothing… Gosh! It’s Friday and that too 18:30 so what’s holding me up then – it’s this strange feeling of going back to India. Does this mean that I’ve started liking this place which I never expected – the answer is NO. I admit that I never realized how fast the whole 4 weeks flew just like that. But I don’t know why I have this palpation and a sort of sadness on my face…

Adieu Manhattan (NY)!!!

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July 12, 2008 at 5:38 am

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My first fly to NY, USA

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Yes, I’m in NY now for 4 weeks on a business trip – infact training. I’ve come Emirates flight and my experience was not that good.

As mentioned in BIA experience blog I’ve taken the Emirates flight from BIA airport. This time the flight was scheduled to depart at 0415 hrs IST. I started home at 0045 hrs IST and reached the airport way too early than 3 hr advance for check-in. I infact reached airport 013o0 hrs IST I think. This is where my journey to NY started and that too with a sour experience. The moment I entered the airport I saw a huge crowed lined up towards very few check-in counters. First I thought it was baggage security scanning and all but later I realised this lining was for Emirates check-in. I was surprised to see those many people, may be around 200 odd people, queued up to get the Emirates boarding pass. Left with no other choice I too had to join the queue. By the time my turn came it was 1 hr passed, i.e., it was 0230 hrs IST. Without wasting much time I thought I better get thro security scanning done and start browsing in the waiting lounge, a nice way to timepass for me. Before I could clear the security check I had to lighten my pockets by Rs. 1070. This is the User Development fee every International bound passenger has to shell out. Once I got thro the security check while walking towards the waiting lounge I met this awesome guy named Nageesh who’s basically from Mysore and working in Dubai. I just happened to talk this person while walking towards the waiting area and this small conversation turned into Read the rest of this entry »

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June 17, 2008 at 5:55 am