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Reliving 2000 on KD’s wedding

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The train slowly cripples to a halt at Raichur station at 8:30 AM on 14th Nov. Vijay, Nitin & Shilpi, Veeresh and Gururaj got down on platform and hotfooted towards the exit to reach home at the earliest. All were in hurry to reach home and get ready and head to Shaktinagar for their dearest friend Rajeshekar aka Rajesh aka Raj aka KD wedding.

One hour before, when the Train crossed the Marichatla station, 2 Project Leads, 1 Developer and a HR (by their profession) were exercising their thought process maps to come out with a foolproof strategy. NO! they were not discussing about how to meet project deadlines, set goals for ‘At Standards’ v/s ‘Exceeds Expectations’, measuring productivity, or how to gracefully layoff a 9 year senior programmer who’s working on par with a fresh bee. The task beforehand was to reach the wedding hall before the sacred knot was tied i.e., 12:15 PM, which in consideration with their track record was an uphill task. After lot of brainstorming Veeresh (Project Lead) pursued Nitin (HR) to get his Omni ready to be used for commuting to marriage hall. While they were bargaining on the pickup time Gururaj (Developer) called up home to get his hot water bucket ready. Vijay (Team Lead) easily agreed upon to accompany Gururaj as his favorite dish Idlis were also getting ready at Gururaj’s home. Unconvinced by Veeresh and Nitin’s formulae Gururaj and Vijay decided to mange their own commute.

Gururaj and Vijay reached the marriage hall 1 hour before scheduled sacred time. Everything was going in unison; Read the rest of this entry »


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November 18, 2008 at 12:52 am

When on Bangalore-Mysore highway…

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There are already existing few amusement parks on Bangalore-Mysore highway (freeway) like Go-Karting, WonderLa, GRS water park (near to Mysore). But there’s this new one, Innovative Film City (God knows why they have ‘film’ in the park name) which has been started very recently, may be on Jan, 28th 2008. Even though the park is not yet built in it’s entirety it’s still drawing huge crowds both adults and children every weekend.

I have described about what I did on International Friendship day in my last post. My friends and me had actually drove on our bikes to Innovative Film City and it hardly took us 45 mins to reach there (we started our ride from RajRajeshwari Nagar on the outskirts of Bangalore). There were no problems in finding this place as throughout the highway we could see signboards guiding use to this place.

There are different variety of themes which suit both Children and Adults. The themes vary from Dino park to Fossil Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum to Guinness Records Museum, Mirror Maze to Aqua Kingdom (with an artificial beach), Go-Karting to Mini-Golf, and many more. There are still unfinished attractions which are yet to come up like Miniature City, Haunted Mansion, Louis Wax Museum. Apart from these fun attractions there’s also wide variety of food stalls to quench your appetite.

If you’re planning to have tons of fun on a holiday or on a special day you must try IFC once. The mantra is to Read the rest of this entry »

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August 3, 2008 at 11:15 pm

What I did on Friendship Day

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03 Aug 2008 – The first Sunday in the month of August and the world celebrates this day as International Friendship Day. The best way to celebrate International Friendship day is to be with your close friends and have some splendid time throughout the day.

We as a group consist of 6 guys (Madhusudhan, Nitin, Rajshekar, Veeresh, Vijay, and I) who have been very close friends since the time we’d been in college (B.E.) in Raichur, Karnataka. Of the 6, 3 (Madhu, Nitin, Veeresh) got recently married (at most of 1 year period) and coincidentally all their wives were out of town and they were all good married bachelors all these days. There were no special plans for this special day except we decided to meet at Nitin’s place a day before evening.

As decided we all gathered at Nitin’s place by 9 PM and the fun time began from there… We finished our dinner and then started talking on different topics starting from being married vs being bachelor and also things like how life changes after getting married – we’d 3 experienced masters in this area who were giving total gyan (with sarcasm) to yet to be married bachelors 😉 All this went on till late night 2 AM and later Read the rest of this entry »

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August 3, 2008 at 11:00 pm