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Unplanned but memorable

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Sometimes you plan certain events but they won’t give you much excitement or even may turn sour. Like  planned event unplanned events too may turn exciting, refreshing and even most memorable sometimes. One such memorable and refreshing event was International Friendship Day celebrations I’d with my small group of friends. And luck strikes again on the blissful day ‘ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವ ದಿನ’ (Nov 1 – Kannada Rajyothsava day). Nov 1st marks the beginning of ‘Kannada Rajyothsava’ and extends throughout the November month and is celebrated with much fervor and liveliness throughout Karnataka.

We didn’t had any special plans for the day but since it happened to be weekend we just planned for a movie. Again Nitin was our event-manager; he was responsible for deciding the Movie and a nearby Threate and then convey the same to everyone in the group. Since it was ‘Kannada Rajyothsava’ too nobody in the group were sure whether theatres were screening non-kannada movies. Nitin took the initiative to call the theatre and find out whether Hindi movies were played on the day. Since nobody at the theatre didn’t answer his phone call he went to sleep without informing anyone – Thanks to his acuteness 😦 And we were in illusion that he was working out the plan 🙂 Rajesh our busy body for the month (he’s getting married this 14th. You know how life will be busy during this transition period) called up to ask about the plan and was too frustrated cos our event-manager didn’t answer is phone calls 🙂 I too started calling him up and luckily his wife (Shilpi) picked my call. Gods grace things started ticking again from where they abruptly halted after his sleepy break :-0

He outlined a simple plan: Movie – Golmaal Returns, Theatre – Sagar in majestic area and Timing – 7:30 PM show. Everyone in the group were informed Read the rest of this entry »


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November 2, 2008 at 1:22 pm

What I did on Friendship Day

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03 Aug 2008 – The first Sunday in the month of August and the world celebrates this day as International Friendship Day. The best way to celebrate International Friendship day is to be with your close friends and have some splendid time throughout the day.

We as a group consist of 6 guys (Madhusudhan, Nitin, Rajshekar, Veeresh, Vijay, and I) who have been very close friends since the time we’d been in college (B.E.) in Raichur, Karnataka. Of the 6, 3 (Madhu, Nitin, Veeresh) got recently married (at most of 1 year period) and coincidentally all their wives were out of town and they were all good married bachelors all these days. There were no special plans for this special day except we decided to meet at Nitin’s place a day before evening.

As decided we all gathered at Nitin’s place by 9 PM and the fun time began from there… We finished our dinner and then started talking on different topics starting from being married vs being bachelor and also things like how life changes after getting married – we’d 3 experienced masters in this area who were giving total gyan (with sarcasm) to yet to be married bachelors 😉 All this went on till late night 2 AM and later Read the rest of this entry »

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August 3, 2008 at 11:00 pm

4th July Fireworks – Washington DC

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I happened to be in the US on 4th July, American Independence. There was tough decision to make whether to see the fireworks in Washington DC or in Manhattan. This was the question haunting me for 2-3 days before 4th July. Finally I made up my mind and planned to visit my friend Trupti who lives in Herndon near Washington DC.

The fireworks in Washington starts at around 9 PM and lasts for 1/2 hour. Upendar (Trupti’s husband) and his sister and her in-laws all planned to join us to see the fireworks from Washington. We managed to reach the Washington pretty early so as to occupy the place to stand/sit before it’s get crowded. We all were there at the Pentagon parking where we thought we will get pretty descent view Read the rest of this entry »

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July 11, 2008 at 3:06 am