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Reliving 2000 on KD’s wedding

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The train slowly cripples to a halt at Raichur station at 8:30 AM on 14th Nov. Vijay, Nitin & Shilpi, Veeresh and Gururaj got down on platform and hotfooted towards the exit to reach home at the earliest. All were in hurry to reach home and get ready and head to Shaktinagar for their dearest friend Rajeshekar aka Rajesh aka Raj aka KD wedding.

One hour before, when the Train crossed the Marichatla station, 2 Project Leads, 1 Developer and a HR (by their profession) were exercising their thought process maps to come out with a foolproof strategy. NO! they were not discussing about how to meet project deadlines, set goals for ‘At Standards’ v/s ‘Exceeds Expectations’, measuring productivity, or how to gracefully layoff a 9 year senior programmer who’s working on par with a fresh bee. The task beforehand was to reach the wedding hall before the sacred knot was tied i.e., 12:15 PM, which in consideration with their track record was an uphill task. After lot of brainstorming Veeresh (Project Lead) pursued Nitin (HR) to get his Omni ready to be used for commuting to marriage hall. While they were bargaining on the pickup time Gururaj (Developer) called up home to get his hot water bucket ready. Vijay (Team Lead) easily agreed upon to accompany Gururaj as his favorite dish Idlis were also getting ready at Gururaj’s home. Unconvinced by Veeresh and Nitin’s formulae Gururaj and Vijay decided to mange their own commute.

Gururaj and Vijay reached the marriage hall 1 hour before scheduled sacred time. Everything was going in unison; getting the groom ready in dooti, kurta, and neta topi while bride draped in zari saree. And, eligible bachelors busy searching for their prospective girls. After the marriage ceremony was over the bride and the groom were taken to reception hall. Everybody settled down and out of the blue something flashed KD’s friends; KD and Suchitra’s marriage was not a regular marriage, it was different – it was an amalgamation of two different cultures. KD and Suchitra were colleagues and slowly their friendship turned into Love and they both decided to get married. It wasn’t easy to convince their parents but their pursuance yielded and their parents agreed to it. And today at the marriage reception it never seemed that their parents were not willing to marry them. Everybody seemed happy and even the bride and groom were on Cloud Nine – their dream came to life the very day.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Later in the day, after the reception party, Nitin and Vijay wanted to drift around Shaktinagar and see how the place has changed in past few years – this is where they were brought up. Shaktinagar is not any big place; it’s a small town hosting Karnataka’s Thermal Power Plant 19 KM away from Raichur. The list was very limited – their old homes, Ex-Friends houses and some likely place which took them back to their teenage. The town seeing started from 2nd Cross and towards our National TT player’s (name can’t be disclosed), and descending towards Trupti’s house and her second house – KPC Hospital; Trupti these pictures are for you 🙂

Trupti Special

Trupti Special

Trupti House

Trupti House

And lastly one for our dear Madhu who missed this wedding they strolled through ‘M’ street 🙂 It was reliving the teenage life once again for them, cherishing each and every moment they’d spent in this town and were dysphoric too. Recalling their splendid childhood and teenage lives Nitin and Vijay started developing the urge to drink Masala Soda, Eat Chilli Bajjis, Cut Mirchis, Chips and everything they could eat or drink like they used to do in their younger age and finally see their favorite spot – the Krishna Bridge, till the end of the day and the sunset.

Krishna Bridge Sunset

Krishna Bridge Sunset

Next day Vijay and Gururaj again had similar experience out in Raichur eating Pani Poori, Kachodi and drifting through Raichur specials – LVD College of Science, SLN College of Engineering, and SLN Diploma College. LVD College is where Gururaj and Vijay had done their PUC (10+2) together in the same class. And SLN College is the place where Gururaj, Vijay, Rajesh, Nitin, Veeresh and Madhu had come close and became friends for life.

LVD College Entrance

LVD College Entrance

LVD Library

LVD College Library

Biology Lab 2

LVD College Biology Lab 2

Biology Lab - 2

LVD College Biology Lab - 1

LVD College main hall

LVD College main hall

SLN College Boys hostel

SLN College Boys hostel

Overall, the visit to Raichur/Shaktinagar didn’t turnout to be only for KD’s wedding but it was rebirth of those splendid childhood/teenage days which will never come back in their lives but only can be realized in their minds as fresh as today.

Happy married life KD (Rajesh) and Suchitra, you both are made for each other…


1. Composed by Vijay and Gururaj
2. Photo shots – Gururaj


Written by Gururaj

November 18, 2008 at 12:52 am

15 Responses

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  1. Beautifully written… thanks for refreshing good old memories 🙂


    January 16, 2009 at 5:12 am

  2. Bachelors are always gem of a person and we’re the most eligible bachelors, isn’t it 🙂

    The special of the day are always remain – The Rajesh and Sushma…


    November 22, 2008 at 12:01 pm

  3. Wow Guru Bhaiya!! Post is really amazing! When I saw the hospital, first person came to my mind was Trupti as I went to see her there when I initially came to Sakthinagar :-)) Nitin Bhaiya has put on weight and looking smart…anyways he is always… Both the bachelors look stil the same…..Rajesh Bhaiya and his better half look really cute….Hope to visit Shaktinagar when I am there!!


    November 22, 2008 at 12:42 am

  4. Most of the pictures were taken in Shaktinagar except college pictures are in Raichur…

    I enjoy reading your blogs too… Keep it up


    November 19, 2008 at 9:29 pm

  5. Nice pictures.. have visited Raichur only once but never got to see this side of the place.. nice pictures


    November 19, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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