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I generally say that I’m the best critic for myself, and this means I always strive to improve myself based on my own personal observation be it How I behave with others, How I dress, How I think differently from others, How I learn the latest technology, How I build my technical skills, or even How I struggle to improve my English and also word power – in simple words it circumvents both my personal and professional life.

I always wished I had a handheld device, like my Cell Phone installed with dictionary application, specifically which has dictionary and that’s also not a Cell Phone to help me quickly do a word look-up while I’m away from reading table like while I’m reading a newspaper, or my favorite novel, or even a technical book on .NET/C#. This even actually made me think many times of designing my own hardware architecture which can support such a need (though I’m not from circuit’s background). If I’d succeeded in such a venture that would have definitely become a hit in the students circle as they too need such a device which will be very handy for them for preparing for GMAT, CAT or for any higher education which requires good vocab. Why I fancy for such device is because I want to learn new words, their synonyms and antonyms.

I once stumbled on this utility, 1-Click Answers, published by and I fell in love with this utility instantaneously. Yes! This is one of the kind of utility I was always been looking for which is at least very handy while on Computer.

1-Click Answers doesn’t comes with loads of options or features but whatever it has got is beyond par with any online dictionary versions. Firstly, 1-Click Answers always sits in the system tray unless you remove it from there and waits for you command to do the look-up. Now you may be thinking what’s a big deal about it, there are hundreds of other dictionary utilities which are similar in functionality. Definitely this is unique and very much different from all other its brother applications.

Text taken from Button Text

Text taken from Button Text

Lookup on Menu Item

Lookup on Menu Item

There’s virtually no limit where you can pick the search string from be it from Menu bar text, or label text on any GUI application to even from your outlook mail subject without even copying the subject line to the clipboard. The 1-Click Answers derives its strength from various sites like Wikipedia, WordNet, Computer Encyclopedia, World of the Body, Thesaurus, Archaeology, Britannica Concise, Science Dictionary, Latin Phrase, Financial/Business Dictionary. That’s not all; there are huge other sources it connects to based on the search string. It means you can literally look for any topic/word right from human body to plants to species, computers to electronics to technology, architecture to building to monuments, military encyclopedia to computer encyclopedia to general encyclopedia whatever it is it can search for what you’re looking for.

Wrong Lookup

Wrong Look-up

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that 1-Click Answers has got no faults. One simplest caveat is – it does not work offline. It derives its inner strength from Internet and without Internet it’s lifeless; it’s mere a garbage eating your CPU cycles. Also, there are certain scenarios where it fails to get the right results. And in such cases it’s really difficult to get the required results, that’s the personally what I’ve observed.

If I keep on listing all the benefits you will get by installing this application that’s going to be one huge list with virtually endless features. I better stop here and give you a chance to try it out on your machine and see how remunerative it is going to be for you.


Written by Gururaj

August 28, 2008 at 12:04 am

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