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After hitting the featured list through my blogs/tags what else I could expect to come in my way beyond this. A little analysis showed that it may not be exactly the content which could be the reason to get placed on the Featured Blog but I think it may also be cos of the unique tags I’m using in my blogs.

Blog of the Day

Blog of the Day

Well thats all about the old story… So what’s new then??? Ah! getting to the higher level which I’d never imagined… Okay, Okay… to cut short the suspense… my blogging have been listed on ‘Blog of the Day’ 😉

Unlike the ‘Featured Blog’ I’m sure there’s something in my Blog which have got me placed on ‘Blog of the Day’ – whatya say???

Yes, here it is… I had no idea why my blog showed up on ‘Blog of the Day’ but I definitely needed an answer. I started flipping thro WP Forums and FAQs and I finally found the answer to this puzzle. The WP says that ‘the most common criteria to see either your post or blog on these featured pages is the traffic on your posts or blog’. According to me the ‘Bangalore Blasts’ and ‘Innovative Film City’ are the posts which are drawing readers to my blog. And yes you guessed it correct! I’d been seeing good number of hits on these posts regularly and this is reason that I’m seeing my posts and blog listed on Featured pages 😉


Written by Gururaj

August 9, 2008 at 1:19 pm

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