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NOTE: If you are here to know about Innovative Film City, Bengaluru aka Bangalore then click here to jump to the correct post or continue reading.

Just days before I had written a blog about Innovative Film City on Bangalore-Mysore road (near Bidadi). To my surprise this blog got listed as Featured Blog under Bidadi tag, truely amazing. Unbelievable!!! I’m really stunned and very excited too…

Here’s the screenshot I’d taken… You can read my blog on Innovative Film City here.

Featured Blog on Innovative Film City

Featured Blog on Innovative Film City

Featured Blog 2

Featured Blog 2

Update (Aug 08, 2008): The second screenshot is a new one which got listed as Featured Blog. This is in fact making me think whether it’s the content or just the tag which determines whether a blog is featured or not. In both the above cases I see that there’s no other blogs containing the same Tag like the one I’d used in my post and hence they got listed as featured blog under that Tag. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that unlike other bloggers I’m using ‘Tags’ which are not common and making headlines too…

The strike out content above is my misconception about getting listed as featured blog. After reading thro FAQs I learnt that it’s the number of hits which contributes to the title but not the Tag 😉 – I’m so dumb isn’t it? Well those were my early days in WP and I didn’t know how it works here :-). Now I know the facts…


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August 6, 2008 at 8:22 pm

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