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There are already existing few amusement parks on Bangalore-Mysore highway (freeway) like Go-Karting, WonderLa, GRS water park (near to Mysore). But there’s this new one, Innovative Film City (God knows why they have ‘film’ in the park name) which has been started very recently, may be on Jan, 28th 2008. Even though the park is not yet built in it’s entirety it’s still drawing huge crowds both adults and children every weekend.

I have described about what I did on International Friendship day in my last post. My friends and me had actually drove on our bikes to Innovative Film City and it hardly took us 45 mins to reach there (we started our ride from RajRajeshwari Nagar on the outskirts of Bangalore). There were no problems in finding this place as throughout the highway we could see signboards guiding use to this place.

There are different variety of themes which suit both Children and Adults. The themes vary from Dino park to Fossil Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum to Guinness Records Museum, Mirror Maze to Aqua Kingdom (with an artificial beach), Go-Karting to Mini-Golf, and many more. There are still unfinished attractions which are yet to come up like Miniature City, Haunted Mansion, Louis Wax Museum. Apart from these fun attractions there’s also wide variety of food stalls to quench your appetite.

If you’re planning to have tons of fun on a holiday or on a special day you must try IFC once. The mantra is to start early in the morning so you’ve ample time to visit all the attractions and have tons n tons of enjoyment.

There’s a nominal entry fee of Rs. 50 to the IFC and all other attractions have their own entry fees ranging from Rs. 50 – Rs. 150.

Since we started late in the day we didn’t have time to visit all the attractions and we ended up planning for those which suit our tastes – Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Mini-Golf, Go-Karting, Cricket.

Disconnected Tap

Disconnected Tap

Dollar's Laughing Budda

Dollar's Laughing Buddha

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! definitely has a fantastic collection of unbelievable (Believe it or Not!) stories from across the globe – includes documentation, photographs, artifacts n mannequins and videos too. The entry fee to this museum is Rs. 100. It may take at least more than an hour to learn about all the strange n unbelievable facts in this museum. And there’s also one fun place in this museum – I think you should go n explore to find what that is. I felt its’ the most funniest thing to experience in this museum 😉

If you fancy the Golf sport then this is the right place to turn your fantasies into reality. The fee for this attraction is again Rs. 100. The IFC has a mini-golf course containing 18 holes. For us it took nearly an hour to complete all 18 holes; we may have had missed to putt at least 2 – 3 holes. The tracks are really awesome sometimes looks very easy n sometimes very hard. But what lies is the delight n enjoyment you get on completing all 18 holes. And if you’re not playing alone then believe me it’s too good to play more than once.

A mirror maze may not be new to you. You may have seen this kind of mazes in many movies like in the famous Bruce Lee starer ‘Enter the Dragon’ climax. To admit it we had time to explore the Mirror Maze but looking at the other attractions I can say for sure that even this will be one brilliantly laid maze that you will definitely love to explore. Kids will learn the ‘Elimination strategy’ and it will sharpen their lateral thinking and also build their strategy n decision making skills. And for Adults what can I say – it’s just another way to have fun.

No matter whether you’re single or a married with children I think this is one good place you should not miss to see in and around Bangalore.

Be sure to come back to tell me about your experience… Haffun!


Written by Gururaj

August 3, 2008 at 11:15 pm

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