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What I did on Friendship Day

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03 Aug 2008 – The first Sunday in the month of August and the world celebrates this day as International Friendship Day. The best way to celebrate International Friendship day is to be with your close friends and have some splendid time throughout the day.

We as a group consist of 6 guys (Madhusudhan, Nitin, Rajshekar, Veeresh, Vijay, and I) who have been very close friends since the time we’d been in college (B.E.) in Raichur, Karnataka. Of the 6, 3 (Madhu, Nitin, Veeresh) got recently married (at most of 1 year period) and coincidentally all their wives were out of town and they were all good married bachelors all these days. There were no special plans for this special day except we decided to meet at Nitin’s place a day before evening.

As decided we all gathered at Nitin’s place by 9 PM and the fun time began from there… We finished our dinner and then started talking on different topics starting from being married vs being bachelor and also things like how life changes after getting married – we’d 3 experienced masters in this area who were giving total gyan (with sarcasm) to yet to be married bachelors 😉 All this went on till late night 2 AM and later everybody retired to beds assuming that we’ll just depart once we get up in the morning to our respective homes.

The next day it’s 10 AM and one by one we started coming out of our late night hangover only to realize it’s already 10 in the morning. Soon we all became sober and started getting fresh one by one. Not all had plans for the day except Raj and I. We both wanted to visit a layout near Electronics City in the outskirts of Bangalore (towards Hosur, Tamil Nadu) and we were thinking to skip from there. But the remaining guys started cooking a plan to resume our fun time for another day. Finally we two joined the discussion and we decided to go to Innovative Film City (now onwards IFC) on Bangalore-Mysore highway around 30 KMS from Bangalore Railway Station. Soon our dear married bachelors started getting calls from their respective wives. They all updated what they were doing and where they were at present but keeping tight lipped about our plans for rest of the day. By the time everybody was ready and we were set to leave it was 12 PM – 12:30 PM ;(

Within 45 mins from then we all reached the IFC. We were not desperate to get into IFC so we started exploring the place for some hot Coffee or Tea as most in the group are fond of Tea. We found a small Tea stall and next to it was a Tender Coconut bicycle all this just opposite the IFC campus. We quickly quenched our thirsts and headed towards the IFC gates with big smiles on our faces and cracking jokes that no ones wives should come to know about this venture. And within 10 mins were inside the IFC campus again cracking joke on ourselves, our attire, and how shabby we all were looking that day without shower 😉

It’s already 12 AM now and I think I should stop here and write a separate post about the IFC and it’s attractions. Keep waiting for my next post on IFC.


Written by Gururaj

August 3, 2008 at 11:00 pm

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