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Re: Serial Blasts in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

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Bangalore witnessed an unpleasant event on Friday, 25th July. No one in their dreams would have imagined that one day there will be a series of bomb blasts in Bangalore too. Till date Bangalore is known for it’s weather, IT & ITES, Pensioner’s Paradise, Garden City. Now a new tag has been added – ‘Terrorists Target’.

What do these anti-social elements want to show or seek? Are they doing all these things just to seek some identity or they are trying disturb peace in the city. So far not any anti-social element has come forward and claimed responsibility for what had happened on 25th July. This means not even Police have any clue on who had done this henious act and why. Different theories are floating around on who did this or why, but until some organization or group comes forward to claim responsibility its very common to see such theories coming out.

It’s amazing to see how life changes around such unpleasant events. People were very reluctant on going out on the weekends. Most of the mass preferred staying back home till the air was clear and any speculation of find more live bombs had diminished. This also had an adverse affect on weekend business as it can be expected. But no matter how worst the situation may be it’s just a nightmare. The Monday morning was one such morning which started after a nightmarish weekend, people coming back to their normal life as though nothing had happened on the previous week. I truely believe in this as a GOD’s gift to forget things, unless you forget things you can’t sail through Life’s Ocean. One such incident is this monday morning where I see people are out in mass again to reach to their work place, their business, other appointments or even traveling out of Bangalore – truely amazing.

Someone has said it rightly – ‘The show must go on…’


Written by Gururaj

July 28, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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