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4th July Fireworks – Washington DC

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I happened to be in the US on 4th July, American Independence. There was tough decision to make whether to see the fireworks in Washington DC or in Manhattan. This was the question haunting me for 2-3 days before 4th July. Finally I made up my mind and planned to visit my friend Trupti who lives in Herndon near Washington DC.

The fireworks in Washington starts at around 9 PM and lasts for 1/2 hour. Upendar (Trupti’s husband) and his sister and her in-laws all planned to join us to see the fireworks from Washington. We managed to reach the Washington pretty early so as to occupy the place to stand/sit before it’s get crowded. We all were there at the Pentagon parking where we thought we will get pretty descent view of fireworks. It was all gloomy throughout the day and we’d our fingers crossed whether the fireworks will get canceled because of such a weather. Luckily nothing worst happened and the fireworks started on time – 9:10 PM.

We all were very excited and enthusiastic to see the fireworks as it began. We could clearly hear the cracker bursting sounds though we were miles apart. There it was the curse of weather… Like the dark clouds hiding the sun, the smoke coming from burst was not moving away from the point of burst due to bad weather conditions and it started getting murkier and disappointment to showing up on the crowd gathered to watch the event. We too slowly descended towards the car and got a good glimpse of the fireworks from a different angle (see slideshow). Not bad, I said to myself and was all happy – though not worst, it was good to be out there to see such an event.


Written by Gururaj

July 11, 2008 at 3:06 am

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