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My first fly to NY, USA

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Yes, I’m in NY now for 4 weeks on a business trip – infact training. I’ve come Emirates flight and my experience was not that good.

As mentioned in BIA experience blog I’ve taken the Emirates flight from BIA airport. This time the flight was scheduled to depart at 0415 hrs IST. I started home at 0045 hrs IST and reached the airport way too early than 3 hr advance for check-in. I infact reached airport 013o0 hrs IST I think. This is where my journey to NY started and that too with a sour experience. The moment I entered the airport I saw a huge crowed lined up towards very few check-in counters. First I thought it was baggage security scanning and all but later I realised this lining was for Emirates check-in. I was surprised to see those many people, may be around 200 odd people, queued up to get the Emirates boarding pass. Left with no other choice I too had to join the queue. By the time my turn came it was 1 hr passed, i.e., it was 0230 hrs IST. Without wasting much time I thought I better get thro security scanning done and start browsing in the waiting lounge, a nice way to timepass for me. Before I could clear the security check I had to lighten my pockets by Rs. 1070. This is the User Development fee every International bound passenger has to shell out. Once I got thro the security check while walking towards the waiting lounge I met this awesome guy named Nageesh who’s basically from Mysore and working in Dubai. I just happened to talk this person while walking towards the waiting area and this small conversation turned into blossomed into a friendly conversation. We talked about families, marriage, job, Bangalore traffic and lot other things too. We then departed to take our respective flights with exchanging our contact infos.

Again, there was huge lineup to board the plane. I felt the staff not proficient enough to handle the check-in and boarding process more efficiently. Whatever, again I had to wait for nearly 45 mins or so to get into the plane. This time I met with this Andra guy, Chanikya, working for HCL in seattle. The Emirates plane seemed more bigger than other International plane – may be that’s just an illusion. I personally felt that the air hostess’s in Emirates were very ignorant to passenger. I saw the hospitality missing. Never mind, that may be cos of sky reaching oil prices. The journey to NY was via Dubai with a halt of around 45 min gap to connecting flight to NY from there. Because of such short gap to take the connecting flight I didn’t chance to explore the Dubai airport. One of my friend, Veeresh, had told me not to miss exploring this airport but such a bad luck I didn’t had enough time even to spend few mins at a store either to see sun glass or a fancy wrist watch. I hope while coming back to Bangalore I’ll get enough time to spend in Dubai airport. Soon after coming out of plane and ferrying thro the crowded Dubai airport I was seen in waiting area for NY flight.

Soon I’d boarded the Emirates flight to JFK airport in NY. This part of journey is more longer than the Bangalore – Dubai (4 hrs) trip. I really got bored and tired of not so good seating and could not have good sleep. Most of the time I spent watching few Hollywood movies and talking to the guy, Mathew, sitting next to me. And some times walking to Chanikya too just for a casual chat. He was actually heading to Seattle via Dubai, NY, very long journey for him. He infact had 6 hr waiting period in NY airport before he could take his next flight to Seattle. He was very friendly and helpful too. He actually introduced me to my office mate, Arvind, whom I had never met. Arvind is basically working out of Bangalore office where even I’m located too. We both exchanged few details like which team, how long employed with our company and how long going to stay in NY and so on. Soon we both became friends kind of stuff and also agreed to go around places together if possible. After 13 hr 45 min flying I reached my final destination NY 😉 One real awesome feeling, like a fresh breeze in the early morning in a winter season. Well, I was not so excited as this but may be I was much more tired and didn’t feel the aroma of landing in JFK airport ;(

After coming out of Emirates plane we 3 headed towards the immigration check. Everything was going fine till this instant where during the immigration process my finger print either didn’t got scanned correctly or didn’t matched with that of the database. You think I got nervous and started thinking odds out of even? No, not yet all. I had actually heard something similar happened to my another colleague, Santosh, while he was in NY. He had actually briefed me what all happened and how they’d handled this event with him. Since I knew there won’t be much problem I was calm and cool. They just took me to another place, a closed room kind of office where they actually searched for any criminal records against I think. After not finding anything fishy he walked me to some vacant immigration counter to get my finger scanned once again. And luckily this time everything went well and I’d been allowed to enter the NY city.

Personally, I feel this was one of awesome but also not so good and most rememberable journey in my life. The journey to NY had both good and some unpleasant things happening to me. But, All is well that ends well.


Written by Gururaj

June 17, 2008 at 5:55 am

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  1. After all , this is apparently the most rememberable moment of your life and it should be caught fantastically and with the highest quality.

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