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Google Treasure Hunt 2008 – Week 3

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May be you will have to first read my previous blog on Google Treasure Hunt 2008 competition to know more on what it is all about.

The competition has now entered into 3rd week with a new and more complex puzzle, I personally feel it’s complex than previous puzzles. The third week puzzle can be accessed here.

This puzzle is more about computer networks and finding paths between two hosts.

I’ve not been successful in solving this puzzle though as the Routing data seems little cryptic to me. The problem consists of a complex network with many nodes as hosts and each having a unique IP Address. Every host has its own routing table having at least 3 entries in it and a default route. The puzzle is about given a start and end node you will have to find sequence of hosts the packet will pass through to reach the end node with the help of routing table.

Actually, this reminds me of final year project we (Myself, Veeresh, Dinesh) had presented as part of curriculum while pursuing my graduation in Computer Science. The project problem was to find the shortest path the packet will travse in the well connected network, and again with the help of routing table. The routing table happened to be a plain file which contained information (IP Address) of the neighbouring host to which the host in question was directly connected.

Well, coming back to Treasure hunt problem I’m still trying to crack it during the breaks between my regular coding works. May be sometimes I feels it’s too complicated to me as I’m not able to understand the way the Routing table has been put. Until I’m able to understand what’s the routing table is suggesting I think it will be last week, the Week 4 😦

Anyways, I wish you good look and hope you will be better than me 😉


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May 28, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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