Gururaj’s Rumination

Rumination – The word says it all…

Why Blogging (Rumination)???

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I basically read lots of blogs on general topics and technicals. This induced a thought in me on starting my own blog, well that’s definitely a novel idea. But wait a sec… What will I write if I had to keep the ball rolling but not many thoughts materialized. I stopped thinking and continued reading the blogs. The thought resurrected often and every time it came to life I squashed it again and again. Finally a day came when I eventually decided to start writing and allow it to take its own course. And, here I’m writing my first blog post.

The first thing was to decide on the blog name and spent at least a day thinking what should I name it as. I generally think lots of stuff inside my dumb brain like I’m chewing a gum and this is it, this is the name. Oh c’mon not gum chewing but the act of chewing – Rumination (rū’mə-nā’shən). I kick-start the blogging with this post and I’m readying to join the blog race 😉

~Gururaj (GB)


Written by Gururaj

April 30, 2008 at 6:32 pm

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